Greetings wargamers and welcome to the brand new Icarus Miniatures website!

It’s been a long time coming, but the Icarus site has had a fresh coat of paint and a tune up and is better than ever.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the new site.

New Look

The biggest change is of course the new design. There’s a lot more going on than a simple layout change here though. The new site is built using much more user friendly tools that will make updating and adding content much easier, meaning there will be more of it!

New Products

The most important change to the site is the addition of all the new products that were funded during our Kickstarter last year. 16 new products have been added, along with a lot more varieties and options for certain products.

Some stand out products include:

Nexus Starter Set from Icarus Miniatures


Alliance Starter Set from Icarus Miniatures

The new starter sets are the perfect place to get started with The Icarus Project, and each contain a roughly 100 point Strike Force, which is ideal for learning the game.


Nexus Assassin from Icarus Miniatures

The Nexus Assassin was hugely popular during our Kickstarter, and for good reason. This is one of the finest miniatures in our range, and is a worthy addition to any Nexus Strike Force.


Alliance Outrider Scout from Icarus Miniatures

And for the Alliance hot seller, we’ve got the Outrider Scout. Elegant and deadly, this miniature is a fan favourite.

Alliance Outrider Scout Stealth tokens frim Icarus Miniatures

But it’s not just new miniatures that we have available. We’ve also got a range of gaming accessories to improve your experience. One such accessory is the Outrider stealth marker set. 4 transparent acrylic markers, available in 5 colours and laser cut into the silhouette of the Outrider Scout.


Frontier Pod Medium from Icarus Miniatures

And finally, not content with only miniatures and accessories, we’ve got our first pieces of terrain; the Frontier Pods. These structures were once shipping containers delivering supplies to the frontiers of known space. Now, they’ve been converted into cheap accommodation and you can find entire sprawling cities of pods on the frontier.

The Icarus Project Wiki

Perhaps the most exciting addition to the new site is the expanded background section, where you can learn everything you would want to know about The Icarus Project universe. Laid out in a wiki style, this section will be constantly updated and expanded, so make sure to keep checking back.


So take a look around at all the shiny new content, and until next time

Happy wargaming!

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