Greetings wargamers, we’ve got an exciting update for you today!

Resin Casting

As many of you will be aware, over the last month we’ve been experimenting with resin casting with the aim of bringing production in-house.

Well I’m pleased to announce the tests have been a success and all future resin casting will be carried out in-house.

Over the last 20 months, our miniatures have been produced by the wonderful folks over at Zealot Miniatures, their amazing work is one of the big reasons Icarus Miniatures has been successful.

But over the last few months as we’ve been fulfilling our Kickstarter, it has become clear that to expand the business in the way I want to, and to get Icarus Miniatures into as many hands as possible, we needed to bring production in-house.

Externally producing the miniatures meant we had to place large orders to ensure a certain level of stock. Producing in-house allows a lot more flexibility with stock levels and allows us to cast to order if necessary.

We’ve already begun casting, and after several weeks of testing for material quantities and casting times, we’re ready to begin proper production. There are a few lines that need new moulds, which we will be having made over the next few weeks, so expect some stock fluctuations in the first few weeks. But once all the new moulds are made, we shouldn’t be out of stock of any of the miniatures for more than a couple of days in the future.

Price Changes

Bringing production in-house has also significantly reduced the unit cost of each miniature.

Instead of taking that extra profit, I have decided that we will reduce the RRP of our miniatures.

Doing this achieves a few things; firstly it makes the miniatures cheaper for you to buy, which is always good, but it also makes us more competitive in the marketplace, lowering the cost of entry for people looking to start playing The Icarus Project.

So from today, the prices of Icarus Miniatures products will be as follows:

Single Miniatures: Price decreasing from £7.50 to £6.00
Starter Sets: Price decreasing from £35 to £25


All other prices will remain the same, but as you can see, these are fairly significant discounts, meaning you’ll get more minis for your buck!

This is an exciting development for Icarus Miniatures and will give us the flexibility to do lots of new and exciting things, so keep your eyes on the blog and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for news.


New Tutorial

And finally, in other news, our latest tutorial, showing you how to build cheap and simple concrete barricades to use as scatter terrain in your games is now live on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to see our videos as they are released!

Press Statement

Any news sites wishing to cover the news may use any or all of the following statement from Anto Cerrato, the owner of Icarus Miniatures.

“This is an exciting development for Icarus Miniatures. Bringing resin production in-house will give us far greater control on stock levels and free up funds to use on new sci fi miniatures.

“There will be some disruption for the first few weeks as we replace dead moulds, but once everything is sorted we should never be without stock for more than a few days, instead of several weeks at a time.

“By reducing the price of the individual miniatures and sets, we become more competitive in the marketplace and lower the barrier of entry for gamers looking for a new sci fi skirmish system.

“This change will also allow us to begin approaching FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Stores) to get our products on the shelves across the country. The new price offers a better margin for trade partners, allowing them to thrive – which is essential as FLGS are the heart of the hobby.”

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