Who Are Icarus Miniatures?

Icarus Miniatures is a new wargames company based in North Wales, UK. Our mission is to create the most narrative and cinematic games and gaming experiences on the market. We want to provide the framework for gamers to be able to create incredible stories on their tabletop; stories they’ll be re-telling for years to come.

We want our games to be simple to learn and quick to pick up and start playing, with added rules and complexity added on in a way that’s easy to learn but hard to master.

We’re striving to craft a rich and living universe, with an overall storyline that will move forward as we do. We do not want a static universe like some games have. We want the things that players do, in global campaigns, for example, to have a real and lasting effect on the game universe.

Our Company Culture

Icarus Miniatures is being built from the ground up with a very specific culture, one that we feel will really help us to stand out. Company values sound very corporate, but they are crucial to making sure everyone involved with the company is on the same page and knows what we are all about.



Our five company values are:

Thinking Differently
Doing Good

Fun: Having fun is crucial to what we want to do here. After all, at the end of the day we are a toy company. If we can’t have fun along the way, we’re doing it wrong

Family: We believe in family, and the importance of building strong relationships, both with customers, but also with colleagues. We want to support each other and treat each other with the respect we all deserve.

Thinking Differently: Just because the way something is done has been as it is for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best way to do it.  We don’t want to just be the same as everyone else! We encourage our staff family to think differently and approach things in new ways.

Transparency: We truly believe that honesty is the best policy, in business and in life. When we say we are going to do something, we do it. We abide by the age old saying; under-promise, over-deliver. And if we get something wrong, we admit it, hold ourselves accountable, fix the problem, and move forward. Problems happen, we’re only human.

Doing Good: Perhaps the most important value we have is the desire to do good. We want to build a community of giving and change the world. It’s a grand dream, but as you should be learning by now, we like to think differently and be courageous!