The Icarus Project

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By 2163, following the private space race of the 21st and early 22nd century, mankind began preparations for the first manned mission to another solar system. Proxima Centauri, being the closest star, was chosen as the destination. For nearly twenty years, dozens of companies competed to design the ship that would make the voyage. In 2175, the Icarus Corporation won the contract to build the Icarus I, the ship which would deliver seven people to Proxima Centauri. Construction began a year later and the Icarus Project took almost ten years to complete. On the 7th of September, 2186, the crew of the Icarus I departed from the space station at the edge of the solar system and journeyed into the unknown. Their voyage took over four and a half years, but on the 14th of May 2191 the Icarus I entered the Proxima Centauri system. The Icarus spent three days upon entering the system performing scans. While no life was found, their instruments did detect an anomaly on the opposite side of the star; a hollow ring approximately 80 km in diameter and 1 km deep. This ring was clearly not something that was formed naturally and the captain of the Icarus I, Emily Armstrong-Voight ordered the ship to move closer to investigate.The ring was, as they thought, not a natural formation. It was made of various metals and seemed to give off large levels of radiation. However, it looked ruined. Its surface was pitted with craters, presumably from passing meteoroids. The captain ordered the crew to guide the Icarus though the centre of the object so that they could examine it more closely. As they moved within the ring their instruments began to malfunction and display strange readings. Alarms sounded and the crew begged the captain to turn the ship around, but she refused. And at 16:44, May 18th, 2191 earth time, the Icarus I vanished from the Proxima Centauri system.

The Alliance

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The Galactic Alliance of Humanity, more commonly referred to as The Alliance, is the governing body of Mankind and one of the most powerful forces in the known galaxy.

The Nexus

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The Nexus are one of the most brutal and dangerous races in the known galaxy. The have already waged two galactic wars against mankind, and show no signs of ceasing their campaign to see humanity wiped from the galactic stage.

The Praesidians

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The oldest race in the known galaxy, the Praesidians are seen as a source of wisdom and guidance, enlightening lesser races and bringing them onto the galactic stage.

The Ji’tar

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The Ji’tar Empire is one of the smallest of any in the known galaxy, but it is also one of the most important. Ji’tar metal is an incredibly strong and rare resource only found on Ji’tar worlds.


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The URC, or United Robotics Corporation, is a new player on the galactic stage,  whose goal is the evolution of humanity through science and technology. Controlling vast armies of autonomous combat drones, the URC will bring about the next step of human evolution. . . at any cost.

The Mercenaries

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The Mercenaries of the galaxy make their home in the Neutral Zone, a vast expanse of space outside of any government control. Their weapons are available to anyone with enough credits.